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Utilizing the latest advancements in machine learning and data management, BEAM intuitively highlights trends and categories without giving up any of the details.


With our Professional Services team and network of disease area experts, BEAM already contains the key data elements most of our clients are looking for but... 


Easily find the information you’re looking for right at your fingertips with our powerful filters developed specifically for the complex clinical trial data.


So our team can further customize the data to meet your specific business needs. Every client has their own disease area specific database. Finally, your data is all yours, and it fits your business to a tee. 


Create, customize and save your favorite reporting views just for you or for the whole team, this way when the data is updated so are your favorite views.


BEAM highlights for you what trials have been added since the last data upload so you know exactly what changed.


Over 300k Clinical Trials & Counting!

Daily Trial Additions​​​​​​​

Standardized Data Fields

Customization Capabilities​​​​​​​

BEAM is a collection of 370,000+ clinical trial records across more than 3,700 disease areas covering nearly 200 countries over the last 20 years. Multiple clinical trial registries have been aggregated into a single database to create insights and data for our customers.

BEAM's clinical trial record collection is conducted in real-time; each night new trials entered into trial registries are incorporated into the BEAM database for immediate analysis.

Clinical trial records lack standardization across different registries and in addition, contain mostly freeform text input. BEAM solves this by standardizing data  across trial registries and "cleaning" key fields, including ingredient/drug name, disease & therapy areas, dates & more. This allows far more accurate review and analysis for Competitive Intelligence professionals.

If your organization requires more customization in what fields are shown, BEAM Select is available for further customization to meet your specific needs. 

About Ozmosi

OSMOZI is a five-year-old, privately-held business intelligence firm based in Sea Girt, New Jersey, created to provide data and analysis solutions to global biotech, pharmaceutical and investment clients. Our emphasis is on strategic support, competitive analysis and product/portfolio forecasting solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. 

Our primary areas of focus include:

  • Market Analysis: Providing our customers with an understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Forecasting: Through our proprietary modeling software, we can project future volume & sales for products in all stages of their lifecycle, including those yet to launch 
  • Portfolio Management: We provide strategic support on product positioning within a portfolio as well as long-term planning as that portfolio evolves
  • Company Valuation: Given a company's portfolio of products in market and in their pipeline, we can provide the overall economic value of a biotech or pharmaceutical manufacturer

Our results are thorough and accurate in order to instill confidence in our findings, minimize risk, and help manufacturers safely bring drugs and devices to market.  

About Enrich Analytics

Enrich was born out of a restless desire to help companies do more—create more game-changing technology, develop more life-saving drugs, find more opportunity. Our emphasis is on building self-sufficient, purpose-built business forecasting software based on tailored analytic solutions.

The Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP) provides the enterprise computing power; our high-touch, one-on-one approach builds the custom solutions that empower clients to make strategic business decisions—and follow through on them.

  • We believe that, working as a team, we can help you be better at what you do.
  • We believe that EAP’s creative analytic tools, tailored to provide the answers you need, can help you solve your thorniest business problems.
  • We believe that we can’t solve every problem, and that being honest about that is better than the alternatives.
  • And we believe there should be chocolate! Plenty of chocolate.

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